There are already electric automobiles, transit buses, trucks of various kinds, and even large rig tractor trailers that are at least partly driven by electricity. electric cars for sale in san diego encompass all of these types of motor vehicles. The power networks, which are dependent on a variety of sources including fossil fuels and clean renewable energy, are the ones that provide the electricity that is used to charge and fuel battery electric and plug-in hybrid automobiles.

Primary classifications of electric vehicles

  1. Battery electric cars get their power from the stored energy in their own battery packs.
  2. Plug-in hybrid vehicles include an internal combustion engine (either gasoline or diesel) in addition to an electric motor and a sizable battery pack that can be recharged.
  3. In order to generate the energy necessary to power the vehicle’s engine, fuel cell cars create electricity by separating electrons from hydrogen molecules.

How are electric vehicles environment friendly

To put an end to the climate problem, we have to ensure that the cars that travel on our roads are as environmentally friendly as is practically feasible. If we want to prevent the most severe consequences of climate change, we only have ten years left to alter the way we use energy.

The emissions that are produced by automobiles and trucks are not only detrimental to the health of our planet but also to our own bodies as well. The pollutants released into the air by gasoline and diesel-powered automobiles are a leading cause of asthma, bronchitis, cancer, and deaths caused by premature ageing.

The negative consequences of localized air pollution on the health of a person may be felt across a lifetime and can manifest themselves in the form of asthma episodes, lung damage, and cardiac issues. Because electric vehicles are more efficient in converting energy to power cars and trucks, electricity is generally cleaner and cheaper as a fuel for automobiles, even when that electricity originates from the dirtiest grid. This is the case even when electric vehicles are used to power the vehicle.