Hair straightening is one of the attractive processes that many people wish to do to make theirappearance good. People generally visit the saloon to do those hair straightening processes where there are options that the people can do by themselves by utilizing certain methods of hair straightening under various categories. There are three major categories classified in the hair straightening process those are Natural, Chemical, and Non-Chemical. Natural methods called applying oils, spraying milk over the hair, or any other process utilizing natural sources are somehowbest compared to others since it leads to the minimum damage to hair. Chemical methods need to use chemicals like keratin and subsequently need to apply to achieve hair straightening. The chances of damage to hair are more in this method since chemical and also heat is applied to hair.

Non-Chemical methods will be taking the help of heat through hot tools like straightening iron, heat Brushes,and, Hair dryers. Since only heat is applied to the hair less damage can be observed compared to the chemical methods. The hot tools are required utensils in these methods hence if the people purchased those and keep them with their means then, they don’t want to visit the saloon and spend more money onthe hair straightening process.

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