There are varied flavors of popcorn which would be most surprising to many. The popcorn cannot be missed as one of the most favorite snacks that would be enjoyed at snack time. The varied types of popcorn if provided by the salted popcorn in Singapore would be loved to be tried by the healthier lifestyle followers.

gourmet chocolate popcorn

The versatility of popcorn:

The pumpkin flavor is one of the most unique similar to its name. It is mainly prepared by adding sweeteners and canned pumpkins. This is the best of its kind which would have with a friend during movie time.

Mexican churro flavor popcorn is one kind of popcorn that comes in a sweet form. It is prepared using cinnamon chips which are usually spread over popcorn. The sugar is dusted on it along with the cinnamon. It can be paired with hot cocoa to have a sweet treat.

For those who like to try the nacho cheese form of popcorn the Dorito form of popcorn needs to be tried. It is prepared using the slat which makes it indulge in the world of cheese. It is the kind of stuff that would be loved to be slurped of the complete cheesy orange form of residue.

Rosemary parmesan flavor popcorn is a kind of fresh flavor that is made using rosemary, parmesan, and popcorn. This is one of those kinds which can be had in huge quantities in the form of hunger snackers by jumping in it.

Spicy popcorn can be tried by spice lovers. It is prepared by adding turmeric, curry leaves, and chili powder. This is sure to be enjoyed by spicy preferring people.

The salted peanut flavor of butter popcorn is rich in nutrients and is prepared by adding bacon, salted peanuts, and peanut butter which gives a completely rich kind of snack.

It also comes with the flavor of caramel apple flavor popcorn.  This is a kind of buttery and salty form of popcorn that is prepared combined with apples and cinnamon which enhance the taste.