Instagram is one of the most powerful social network tools available to businesses today. This article outlines the top hacks that I use on my account to increase engagement, improve product or service offerings, start conversations with customers or potential customers, build brand awareness, and find your next customer with these Instagram hacks.

Select your niche 

When picking a niche for your Instagram account, the first thing you should do is to determine which businesses and products you are likely to engage with most. Using the

 “Multi-Product Quid” method, these Instagram hack will significantly cut down on the amount of time it takes you to find products for your audience. By focusing on a few key trends, you will be able to narrow down your choices effectively. This allows you to start posting relatively quickly, attracting more followers as you discover new products. You need to know what kind of pictures work best. Do you want to post pictures that are your creative vision, or would you rather take pictures that attract many different types of people?

Instagram hack

Apps for Content Creation

The first step to creating content is to understand what trends are in play. Trends are the physical manifestation of digital forces that are at work in the world. When applied properly, they can create value for your audience. That value can be found in a set of tactics called “hacks,” specifically applied at the right time and place. This hack will provide you with an ultimate cheat sheet on crafting Instagram content that will bring in new followers, build your brand, and attract new prospects.

Making content is easier than ever. The right technology can make your life easier daily and help you achieve your goals. With the right combination of apps and plugins, you can turn any photo into an awesome infographic, turn any text into an animated gif, or create custom speech bubbles to express you.


Getting feedback on your Instagram photos, particularly if you’re new to photography or just starting. Have someone around you give you feedback on how you look — maybe a friend or family member can give you constructive criticism instead of tearing into your photos. Getting feedback is a proven way to improve your photography, and it can be as simple as asking someone else to look at your pictures. When you ask someone else to look at your pictures, they can give you constructive feedback on how you look – maybe they can tell you where you could improve.