Singapore is a very famous place, it’s known for many things like marina buy and more. Many people visit here to make their holiday and some people want to sift permanently here. Suppose you are a resident of Singapore. And you already have your one property there, and now you want to buy a second property in Singapore, then things can become a little tough for you. Make sure some things before buying a second property.

Things to remember about second property in Singapore:

In Singapore, if you are going to buy a private property a second time, there is no hard legal work you have to do. If you purchase a public property the first time, you need to do some legal issues before buying your second property. There are many types of things that are more attached to this. You can also get a deep search about this.

Don’t pay for ABSD

The most important thing is ABSD. You don’t need to pay for ABSD in your first-time property purchase, but the second time, you have to pay ABSD. If you are a resident of Singapore, you have to pay 12 extra, and if you are PRs buying the first time so 5% and more like these things are present in the second property in Singapore.

The property purchase in Singapore is a little expensive so make your budget include your all taxes ABSD and house buying money and save some extra money for any other work related to buying. Your second property will take more down payments compared to the first property purchase.

In Singapore, it’s not easy to buy your favorite property according to you, matching your needs and budget. Singapore is a little expensive compared to others. Ensure all basic and essential things are before buying, so you don’t have to suffer a lot after buying the property in Singapore.